Added value

Our development team is looking into new techniques and processes for our fabrics to improve the well-being & healthy sleep of all our customers! Whether on our Knitted fabrics, Upholstery Textiles or Original Belgian Damasks, we strive to make everything we produce meet our customers’ highest standards! Sweet Dreams!


Our collection of fabrics made with 100% natural Tencel® yarn gives you the benefits of this unique and revolutionary Tencel® fibre.

The smooth, controlled and uniform structure of Tencel® contributes to fabrics feeling as soft as silk. It has a better moisture absorption rate and management than cotton. It also has temperature regulating characteristics and offers resistance against growth of bacteria. Moreover, the closed loop fibre production process with renewable and biodegradable materials makes Tencel® fabrics excellent for ecological product lines.

Combining the most wanted features from other natural and synthetic fibres, the quality of Tencel® is highly acknowledged by our customers.